Just in time for Halloween, here's another vermin-eats-food-themed costume to take the wind out of pizza rat's sails. Redditor connierubirosa has snapped what they deem the "most New York Photo" they've ever taken, words likely uttered by other notable urban life photographers. Hey look—it's a pigeon with a bagel around its shoulders!

The story of how this fine specimen—it looks pretty healthy for a street pigeon—came to be wearing this bagel we'll probably never know. Was it a hazing ritual by older pigeons? Is this a new pigeon-trapping technique? Or did the pigeon simply like the way wearing the bagel made it feel?

Other theories:

  • bagel life-preserver for puddles
  • bagel bumper for playing in traffic
  • bagel as edible fashion accessory
  • bagel as Victorian collar cosplay
  • bagel straightjacket
  • bagel statement for pro-toasting lobby
  • bagel statement for pro-scooping lobby

One thing is certain: this pigeon can now snack like a boss.

Who will be the first to get this tattooed on their legs?