With the weather is starting to get nice again, everyone flocks to restaurants with outside dining. However, it seems that the Department of Consumer Affairs is telling some restaurants that their sidewalk dining spaces will be dunzo after this year—unless they are zoning law-compliant. This is like the War on Brunch, but it's also the War on Lunch, Tapas and Dinner!

According to the Post, 17 restaurants were alerted that their days of offering diners food with a side of people watching might be over: "'Please be advised you have 100 business days from and including May 1 to complete one of the following options,' the agency notified owners on April 29. The options include a 'certified land survey' to show they’re operating on private property, filing for a zoning exemption or simply surrendering their permits."

Restaurants who received notices include Sant Ambroeus, Friend of the Farmer on Irving Place, and Sushi Choshi, whose owner Chel Seng said, "I don’t know what to do. t will affect us. It’s very busy in the summer. It’s a main reason people come — to sit outside." And a lawyer representing many restaurants suggested many establishments could go out of business. Perhaps the diners will storm City Hall with pitchforks—New Yorkers love to eat outdoors, okay?