Today a McDonald's in the financial district closed for a very special private party. Kelvin, a young model, rented out the place for a $1,282 wedding party complete with pink balloons, a "cake" stacked from apple pies, and a pair of tiny souvenir crystal M rings. The engagement party is the first to take advantage of a new McWedding service McDonald's launched in January. You are probably very excited to book your daughter's wedding at one of McDonald's conveniently-located outlets. But not in America, pal. Kelvin's party was at a McDonald's in the financial district of Hong Kong, which is currently the only place in the world were people are free to celebrate their love at the McDonald's of their choice.

"They date here, they grew their love here, so when they have this important day they want to come over here," Shirley Chang, the managing director of Hong Kong's McDonald's outlets, tells Reuters. "You can see the world changing, especially the young generation. They're looking for out-of the-box thinking and ideas." We're getting all misty-eyed! The wedding packages include wedding gifts, pink invitation cards emblazoned with golden arches, and McDonald's food worth up to $385.

Of course, they get you on the extras. No McWedding would be complete without a "white balloon" gown ($165), a large pink McDonalds backdrop ($321), or a balloon corsage ($11). But why quibble about such things when what's important is that your loved one has the wedding she's always dreamed of. Unfortunately, McDonald's currently has no plans to officially expand its wedding business to America, which means you'll have to go crawling to a principality of Communist China to enjoy the matrimonial freedom that so many take for granted there. We can do better—and cheaper—America!