Welcome to our new series, WHY?

First up: lines. A frustrating fact of life for New Yorkers, and at turns something that New Yorkers and tourists alike willingly subject themselves to "for fun." They are common in New York City — from the soul-crushing lines in your local post office, to lines for some trendy food item, to the seemingly permanent line outside of Supreme. This morning, I even saw a much longer-than-usual line for MetroCards. Some lines are more legendary than others, and have become something of a mainstay in our landscape—the DUMBO pizza lines are top amongst those.

And so, our first segment brings us to Brooklyn, where we ask people on line at Grimaldi's and Juliana's (primarily tourists) why they are waiting on line for pizza. The two spots, located next to each other on Old Fulton Street, routinely have long lines outside—but with so many great pizza options in New York City, why? Is it the location (the area itself has become more popular over the past few years)? Is it the pizza itself? Is it the hype? We spoke with some people on line over the holidays, when the already long lines became longer, and eventually merged into one mutant super-line.

Video by Jennifer Hsu / Gothamist

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