What the hell took Big Vodka so long to jump on the sriracha bandwagon? After all, potato chips and lip balm have been co-opting the stuff for years now! Perhaps they were just biding their time until shortage hysteria reached fever pitch, because Sriracha Vodka is upon us, people, and not a moment too soon.

Philips Distilling Company dropped the chili bomb today, extolling its virtues in a bloody mary or michelada. From research director Jim Aune:

The nose has a blend of chili peppers, including the hotter red chili pepper and the more subtle green chili pepper. ">UV Sriracha has a pepper character that hits you right up front, which is very quickly followed by the hot pepper. The hot stays mainly on the front of the tongue. It is buffered by the green pepper so the spice comes through, without offensive heat.

All the bros will definitely be considering the "nose" when they're downing shots in the "Firing" craze that's sure to sweep the nation.

American's lust for shitty flavored vodka means we're stuck with all manner of Frankenbooze from Cinnabon to wasabi to the tears of orphaned children. How long do I have to wait for Baby Gravy before wading into the waters of homemade booze? I'm counting on you, Brooklyn.

[via GrubStreet]