Photo via MissApril1956's Flickr

This Sunday is National Pickle Day (not to be confused with International Pickle Day, celebrated in October), and as New Yorkers, we're kind of obligated to recognize its importance. Why? Well did ya know that by 1659, "Dutch farmers in New York grew cucumbers all over the area that's now known as Brooklyn" and those cucumbers became pickles that were sold in barrels on Washington, Canal and Fulton Streets? This is according to the New York Food Museum, which has an entire pickle timeline. So basically, brine is in our blood.

Anyway, the place to be Sunday is probably Rare (located at 152 West 26th Street), because they're hosting an All You Can Eat Fried Pickle Contest (winner takes home a $250 gift certificate). Regrettably, we cannot attend nor can we participate, but we are hosting our own, online, unofficial New York City's Best Pickle Contest... right now. Vote below, and then go treat yourself to a pickleback, you deserve it.