Perhaps the only thing sillier than an unbearably serious bartender who calls himself a "mixologist" is the customer who's eager to pay upwards of $15 for a drink. To be sure, if you've got the money, an expertly-made cocktail at, say, Milk & Honey or Death & Company can, under the right circumstances, transcend such trivial concerns as "price." But the city's uptight cocktail culture is certainly ripe for parody, and so Thomas Chadwick, the owner of the superb Williamsburg cocktail den Dram, has plucked the low-hanging fruit. Here's his funny video skewering both pretentious sides of the bar.

[Via Time Out, which has just completely revamped their dining section, under the watchful eye of the section's new editor, Jordana Rothman, whom you may recall from her past life on Gothamist!]