2006_01_wholemilk.jpgA milk war has emerged - and the NYC public school system is the battleground. There's a great article about whole milk being taken off the cafeteria menu in city public schools, in order to fight childhood obesity and diabetes. The situation is a tempest: The American Dairy Association is upset, there's also the byzantine issue of federal subsidies for lunch programs, and the chocolate skim milk issue (kids love chocolate!). Schools will offer low-fat and skim milk - with some schools still serving chocolate skim milk - and so far, milk drinking is down 15% at schools with no skim chocolate milk and down 5% at skim-chocolate schools. Hmm, maybe school officials should look into covering green vegetables with a little mole sauce. Anyway, as we love hearing what kids think, Gothamist loved this part of the story:

In an effort to improve nutrition last year, the city schools briefly offered skim milk in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, but officials decided to keep only chocolate. Jose Baez, 10, a fourth grader at P.S. 28, which now serves chocolate milk only on Fridays, said that he loved the new low-fat milk, but that some classmates were upset. "They said, 'Oh, my God, they took away the chocolate milk and the strawberry milk,' " Jose said. "They started complaining."

Gothamist drinks skim milk - but we will splurge with the whole for coffee or other overpriced coffee drinks. We're a fan of SkimPlus because it's creamier, has more calcium (you need your calcium, ladies) and has more forgiving expiration dates (how, we don't want to know). Do you drink skim, low-fat or whole milk? And if you were a kid, would you be upset?