It's been over four years since the word got out that Whole Foods was planning a store in Williamsburg. This was before Starbucks and Ralph Lauren, before we ever knew we had to be enraged by something like a rainbow bagel or a golden donut. But the day is rapidly approaching and Whole Foods is ready to complete its destiny and make that Duane Reade a little less lonely when it opens on July 26th.

At 9 a.m., the grocer will throw open its doors at 238 Bedford. Inside, two levels of pricey organic utopia totaling 51,000-square-feet, making it smaller than the behemoth on the Bowery but larger than the stores in Chelsea and Midtown. The street level space will be for prepared foods, a coffee bar and cafe, and registers, while downstairs will house the bulk of the operation, including produce, deli and everything else a bougie foodie might require.

But no in-house records store? Know your market, WF!

Roberta's will be playing a big role in the store's pastry options, providing breads like sunflower spelt and their addictive sticky buns to the cafe section. The partnership goes back to 2013, when Whole Foods became the first outlet to sell Roberta's frozen pizzas. As Roberta's enters its new age of billionaires, expect to see the once DIY pizza spot popping up in more places.

Also unique to this shop, a retail version of Luke's Lobster's Tail Cart, selling lobster tails skewered on sticks served with buttery dipping sauces.

So will the stampedes be as intense with Brooklyn's second Whole Paycheck? If so, the "Total Gentrification Sniper's Nest™" is now fully operational.