It took no time at all for big changes to be implemented at Whole Foods after the company's acquisition by Amazon was finalized on Monday. Shoppers at the grocery giant's stores around the country were greeted by signs advertising price cuts on shopping cart staples including apples, rotisserie chickens and, yes, avocados.

Prices on the Hass variety of alligator pears were slashed to $1.49 each from $2.50 each. Guess millennials will be able to afford those homes after all.

Naturally, the internet was Here For This News:

And so were the in-store shoppers.

"I read about the price last week," Gwendolyn Wijninga, 26, who lives on the UES told Gothamist at the Columbus Circle Whole Foods this afternoon. "I normally get all my fruit and veg from the stands in the streets, but you can't beat this new price for avocados. I'm literally here because of the new prices."

As someone who spent just south of $100 at Whole Foods on Sunday, I'm wishing I'd waited the extra 24 hours on things like fuji apples (down to $1.99 per pound from $3.49 per pound), local, grass-fed ground beef (now $6.99 per pound instead of $10.00), rotisserie chickens (now just $9.99 a bird from $13.99), and bananas, which dropped from $.99 per pound to $.69 per pound. Nice.

Also new to stores: displays advertising and selling Amazon Echos, the interactive blue tooth smart speakers and talking web search devices. Shoppers can now purchase "Farm Fresh" Echos and Echo Dots at a discount of $99.99 and $44.99, respectively, directly from Whole Foods stores, a move prophesied in our previous coverage.

Amazon Echo and Dot devices on sale at the Columbus Circle Whole Foods Monday. (Scott Heins/Gothamist)

Donald Pullman, 73, strode with purpose towards the display case and plopped an Echo into his cart this afternoon, also at the Columbus Circle store.

"I didn't know it was going to be here today," Pullman explained, elaborating that he'd purchased a Dot last month but was drawn to the special pricing available at the Whole Foods today. "Like a broken drum, you can't beat it."

"He's my hero," Pullman continued of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. "One day I'd like to go to sleep and wake up a billion dollars richer."

You are all of us, Donald, and a shining example to your generation.

Additional reporting by Scott Heins.