A class action lawsuit has been filed against health food giant Whole Foods, alleging that the sugar content listed on their Greek yogurt has been grossly under reported. The false marketing lawsuit says that cartons of 365 Everyday Value Plain Greek Yogurt are labeled as containing two grams of sugar per serving. "In fact, in six recent tests conducted by the venerable consumer publication Consumer Reports, the Yogurt had 11.4 grams of sugar per serving on average—nearly six times the stated amount," the suit alleges. For comparison, similar brands "generally range between five and 10 grams of sugar per serving."

Tracy M. Knox filed the lawsuit in Boston, saying the mislabeled product and false statements caused damage to her and other unnamed plaintiffs. Had the consumers known about the actual sugar content of the product, they "would not have purchased the yogurt, or would have paid less." As an arbiter of healthy living, Whole Foods should have done more testing to ensure the veracity of its products, the lawsuit contends.

Whole Foods said in a statement that it "strive[s] to only provide the highest quality products with accurate product labeling under our 365 Everyday Value line. This product was tested by a reputable third party lab using FDA-approved testing methodology to determine the labeling. We recognize that Consumer Reports is a trusted publication and are looking into why their test results differ from ours."

[h/t GrubStreet]