It's expensive to keep up an organic diet, but one Whole Foods shopper who was unafraid of both the long arm of the law and the lingering stench of seafood tried to skirt the high prices. The shopper allegedly stuffed $145 worth of fancy fish in her clothes and bag before walking out of the store. But alas, she was caught, and now she's been arrested.

The NY Post reports that the enterprising patron, 39-year-old Bronxville resident Fahdia Khan, was caught on the evening of Oct. 2nd at the Whole Foods in Union Square. A guard reportedly noticed some unsightly bulges in her clothes, and discovered she had secreted away pricey delicacies like lobster claws, littleneck clams and marinated bass. Apparently, plenty of people have a taste for Whole Foods' seafood fare, though they don't all feel like paying for it. "People are always trying to steal seafood. Just the other day, a guy put crab legs in his coat and ran up the stairs,” a worker told The Post.

Cops say that Khan, who has reportedly been arrested for larceny-related crimes before, also had stolen debit cards, pliers and an ID belonging to another woman. Authorities say she was charged petit larceny, possession of burglar tools, and possession of stolen property. Khan's certainly not the first alleged thief to dip into Whole Foods' schmancy supply; which is confusing, since the employees will totally give you free stuff if you ask real nice.