Here we are talking about the chopped cheese sandwich again, because someone at Whole Foods in Columbus Circle thought this might be fun:

Yes, that's a bougie supermarket selling an $8 version of the iconic Harlem bodega sandwich, which many people have been accused of Columbusing, presented on a cart paying homage to Christopher Columbus. Yes, it's real, Whole Foods confirmed this afternoon.

To be sure, Whole Foods wasn't the first (and you can bet won't be the last!) to offer their own upscale take on the chopped cheese.

In February, Insider published a video about the sandwich that was roundly criticized for being tone deaf and Columbusing (a reaction video responding to the original video has nearly six times as many views).

Though she wasn't the first, April Bloomfield drew some controversy for announcing plans to sell a "guilt-free" $15 chopped cheese at her new Upper West Side restaurant (the restaurant's name—White Gold—didn't win it any favors). Then, the Times weighed in.

We've reached out to Whole Foods for some insight into the thinking that went into this, and we'll update when we hear back.