Over a thousand Whole Foods employees will be no longer receiving their Whole Paycheck after an announcement by the company revealed a large chunk of job eliminations among the grocer's store staff. The grocery giant announced that 1,500 jobs would be eliminated over the next eight weeks, a 1.6% reduction to its workforce, as part of its "ongoing commitment to lower prices for its customers."

While eliminating jobs to supposedly save customers a few (theoretical) cents on bulk granola sounds harsh, Whole Foods "expects" that "a significant percentage of affected Team Members will find other jobs from the nearly 2,000 open positions across the company or via new jobs created from the more than 100 new stores in development." Still, in the disclaimer attached to their announcement, the company admits that "forward-looking statements" like "expect"..."involve risks and uncertainties that may cause our actual results to be materially different."

Whole Foods has been trying to ditch their overpriced reputation for years, an endeavor not helped when the company was found to be overcharging customers on weighed and labeled items. The company is also in the process of creating cheaper stores targeted towards Millennials—behind the times, WF!—and new stores are embracing technology in new ways that could mean fewer human staffers are needed.

[via Reuters]