After being publicly outed for overcharging customers, Whole Foods has finally owned up to the DCA's findings and have offered a video mea culpa. CEOs Walter Robb and John Mackey released the video below yesterday, in which Robb admits "straight up, we made some mistakes." Previously, the grocer had defended itself, even going so far as to call the DCA's findings "overreaching allegations." Perhaps all the pending lawsuits helped sway the tide.

Mackey characterized the mis-weighing errors as a "very, very small percentage" of the store's prepared food items, which include cut fruit and sandwiches, while Robb went on to point out that oftentimes, the mistakes were in the customer's favor. "It's understandable sometimes mistakes are made. They're inadvertent, they do happen, because it's a hands-on approach to bringing you fresh food," he said.

To make up for the pricing errors, the company has made a number of promises, starting with more training for staff. When the allegations first surfaced, a tipster told us that part-time employees responsible for weighing items had "almost no idea what the fuck they are doing." The company also says that if a food item you've purchased is, in fact, mislabeled to your disadvantage, they'll give you the item completely free. That certainly won't have a negative impact on the checkout lines—no siree!