Who knew that Whole Foods was a den of illegal alchoolic beverage sales? Well, NY State, for one. The wine store at the Whole Foods at Columbus Circle's Time Warner Center/Mall has shuttered because it did not have a separate entrance. Wine shops are supposed to have a separate entrance, and the Whole Foods management were probably saying, "Damnit! We should have known there was something wrong with this basement setup!" to themselves. The wine shop's license will be transferred to the Whole Foods that's set to open on East Houston Street; the wine store will have its separate entrance on Chrystie Street. The NY Times reports that Whole Food "will use the space in the Time Warner store for an expanded coffee bar, a gelato counter and more checkout lines." While we love us some coffee and gelato, Gothamist votes for more checkout lines. Gothamist always forgets that when we go to the Time Warner Center Whole Foods that the lines suck. First of all, they don't move that fast. Second, they snake so long that it's all we can do to not drop our grocery baskets and run out of the store crying.

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