The new Whole Foods opening at the Time Warner Center will be the biggest grocery store in Manhattan at 60,000 square feet. A tip to the Whole Foods people for your success: Clone Bill Jones from your Chelsea store. Jones is, perhaps, the only Whole Foods employee to provoke swoons or excitement in customers when he booms, "Number ten is yours!" and directs people to the proper register. Jones was also featured in the New York Times and get written up by the New Yorker in the Talk of the Town, which might be one feature too many in TMFTML's opinion. But you can see our point: Good employees help. You'll need lots of them to wrangles shoppers if they're anything like the crazy shopping cart wielding seniors or general psychos at Fairway (oh, Fairway, we do love you; we just need to take a Valium afterwards).

The Times is excited about the soon-to-be opened restaurants at the Time Warner Center.