We're just a few short months away from not being able to drink anywhere, ever on the Lower East Side. Last night around 10 p.m. White Slab Palace, which always struck us as being considerably more low-key than most of the neighborhood fare, even on the weekends, was shut down by the NYPD per a court order. But White Slab wasn't serving to minors, as other bars in the LES have done recently to spur the wrath of the SLA. It was closed for not having a liquor license a few months ago, despite owner Annika Sundvik receiving a permit in the interim, the Lo-Down reports.

Today White Slab and its sister establishment Fisk were both shuttered and chains barricaded the main entrance. White Slab was reportedly fined $500 by the SLA in June but the reason for the infraction is still unknown. A woman is also suing the bar for a moosehead that fell on her in 2009. No word on whether the NYPD plans on shutting down Motor City for allowing Lindsay Lohan to darken its door.