The reservation lines are finally open to the season's most romantic holiday dinner inside a gleaming white fortress. The annual White Castle Valentine's Day dinner has returned, because nothing says "I love you" like a square-shaped slider and a raging bout of diarrhea. That's real intimacy!

Once a year, the burger chain decks out their stores with balloons, streamers and other frilly pink decorations, plus tablecloths, center pieces and very special candles, creating their version of a fine dining experience. And no ordering up at the counter like some common fast food junkie; they'll have special menus and table service, thank you very much. Nothing but the best for your honey bear.

If you're craving a memorable evening out on the town, make your reservation by calling (718) 899-8404, ext. 311. It'll be the perfect place to pop the question to your special someone with a piping hot Chicken Ring.