Get ready to start dialing, the annual rush to score one of those highly coveted White Castle Valentine's reservations is on! The slider emporium has finally released the numbers to call to make sure that you and yours can spend the February 14 holiday properly, uh, greased up.

For those who haven't been clear on this from years gone by: Every V-Day for a few years now, White Castle has gone and turned their average slider spots the country over into one-night-only full-service sit-down restaurants with cheap table cloths, personal table service, plastic flowers, "charming decorations" and "free dessert (and other heart-felt mementos)." What could be better? This year they will also take a "free downloadable and sharable photo" of you and your loved one for all the world to see.

Participating White Castle's will be offering V-Day reservations for February 14th only starting at 5 p.m. Call 718-899-8404x330 to save your spot—and don't forget to stock up on extra romantic antacid for afterwards.