For those times when a series of comical misadventures keep you from visiting White Castle in person, here's the next "best" thing: A scented candle that "infuses the home with the steam-grilled aroma of America’s first fast-food hamburger." This limited-edition item went on sale Monday at $10 a pop, with the net proceeds going to benefit Autism Speaks. It is already sold out, but White Castle's website notes that it's only sold out "for now." Is that a threat or a promise? Early reviews are not specifically too good:

Those sick bastards at Grub Street somehow obtained one of these air soilers, and—defying all reason—took a match to it:

Even before we lit this thing, the wax emitted an acrid stench of caramelized onions (a colleague who didn’t know what she was smelling identified hints of “candied corn” — or perhaps high-fructose corn syrup?). When it’s lit, the flame produces a buttery aroma — as if you were baking a croissant and a sewer rat in the same oven. Even for hard-core cravers, the White Castle candle is a deeply nauseating experience...

The kicker, according to The Awl, is that before it sold out, every purchase of five scented candles came with a free air freshener. To be fair, we have yet to personally evaluate the candle's complex bouquet, so we're going to withhold judgment—at least until they make this sucker edible, like the infamous bacon fat candle.