So the food snobs over at Zagat rated Five Guys the best fast food burger in the country, but what do New Yorkers have to say about their greasy patties? Inspired by a recent Consumer Reports ranking of 18 burger chains, the Post put McDonald's, Burger King, Five Guys, Wendy's and White Castle to the test. And if there's one thing this disparate group of city folk can agree on, it's that White Castle sucks.

The battle for best burger was a little more subjective. While one taster called Burger King "the best one," another one raved that Five Guys' sandwich "tastes like it's homemade." Clearly the Five Guys fan didn't try the pizza burger. One student said a Wendy's burger "was the best. It tasted moister."

The hyperbole surrounding the White Castle sliders was priceless. While one said the bread "tasted like water," another elaborated, "It's the bathroom burger, because after you eat one or a few you have to be near a bathroom. The only time you eat these is if you're coming from a party drunk and you need something quick to eat." Hey, wouldn't that make a great premise for an offbeat Hollywood comedy?