Perhaps when you no longer fit into the seats that your favorite fast food restaurant provides, it's time to cut back on the stuff. Or maybe it's time to launch a campaign for bigger seats! 64-year-old, 290-pound White Castle fanatic Martin Kessman says back in 2009 he walked into his local White Castle to find stationary booths that he barely fit into—he left that day limping out of the restaurant after banging his knee on the table. Instead of finding the seats to be aspirational, he sent a letter to the corporate offices hoping for change on their end. According to the NY Post, the company replied with three “very condescending letters," along with coupons for free burgers, and a promise to expand the seats, even sending specs.

Now Kessman has filed a lawsuit, right here in Manhattan, since no change has been made in the two and a half years since the promise, which was as empty as the calories in the bun his burgers were served on. His suit says that the chain’s booths "violate the civil rights of fat people."

The ordeal hasn't stopped his appetite for a Crave Case, however, but despite being able to "wedge" himself into the booths, he now sends his wife, saying, "I did not want to set foot into the store. Any subsequent trips to the store have been made by my wife—I have been like an outcast.”