There's no wrong season for whiskey drinking, but if the winter chills don't instantly conjure up imagery of a glass of delicious brown spirits swirled fireside, then you must live in a place that doesn't experience cold weather. For those of us that do, there's a long season of hot toddy imbibing ahead of us; to that end, why not become the proud owner of the Good Whiskey Passport? You don't even have to leave the country city to get it.

Instead of international access, this boozy passport offers trips of a different kind, namely the ones that end with an epic order of fried foods from the diner. It works thus: adventurers purchase a $35 passport, which entitles them to a whiskey cocktail or neat/shot of the brown stuff at all of the 22 participating bars. Included are fancy mixology joints like Experimental Cocktail Club, whiskey bars like The Gibson and beer hall-style spots like Berg'n.

"We tried to keep the curating parameters loose so we got an interesting mix of locations," explained co-producer Rev Ciancio. "That's what helped us have Desmond's Steakhouse on the same list as The Shanty, which is also the home of NY Distilling Company." And unlike, say, a bar crawl, you can redeem your drinks anytime between December 13th and February 13th of next year.

Burger Conquest and Booze Menus created this celebration of spirits as a benefit for City Harvest, a food rescue organization, as well as the USBG, which helps service industry workers make the most of their positions. "We live pretty privileged lives to be able to run around the city trying out all kinds of cool whiskeys," says Ciancio. "The passport helps keep that in perspective by helping others."

Pick up a passport at one of 4 locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan and kiss your memory of the next two months goodbye.