"Where can I find a real, die hard, New York Mets bar to watch Pedro take on his old buddies in the blue and orange? Rusty Staubs does not count!" - Reader Anthony

Good question. As the Mets are on top of the National League (whodathunkit), most NYC bars are tuning in to the Amazin's. We came across this Daily News list of Mets fans-suggested bars around town. And we believe the Brooklyn Ale House in Williamsburg shows Mets games. But as for authentic bars, we're not so sure and open it you, our other readers. Help us out, please!

Tonight's game starts at 7:05PM. If you want another change of pace, you could go to some of the city's Red Sox bars to watch the game. And with the Mets-logo emblazoned bar stool, you can pretend you're at a bar cheering on the Mets in your home! (If you don't want to spend $125 plus on the barstool, just taping a Mets logo to your favorite chair and have a cold drink.)