If you're still determined to watch the vice presidential debates despite several compelling reasons to go about your business, there are plenty of places where you can indulge in this one-night-only Thursday night comedy. The debate starts at 9 p.m., and if you don't want to yell at the TV alone in your apartment, here are our best recommendations:

  • Hell's Kitchen institution Rudy's Bar and Grill, known for their free hot dogs and Steely Dan reference, will host Drinking Liberally, which might lead to some nauseating hot dog-eating games (Eat a hot dog every time Joe Biden opens a Budweiser bottle with his teeth...).
  • Housing Works Bookstore is giving you prizes to come out tonight! Not only do they have a well-planned bingo game ready, they are also offering a "bucket of PBR on election night" incentive to spend these debates at Housing Works—attend three of the four debates there "and get your ballot stamped, you get a free bucket of PBR on election night."
  • For election bingo in Brooklyn, head to the Pine Box Rock Shop in East Williamsburg, where you'll find another fun-filled debate night this week, showcasing their usual 16 beers on tap and "boozy, debate-themed bingo, where winners will be awarded with free shots." All proceeds go to Obama for America, so expect spin in that bingo.
  • 739 Franklin, a new bar in Crown Heights, which will be hosting the debate as a fundraiser for the Obama Victory Fund. First 10 people to donate get a free shot, and well-drinks are only $3 all night.
  • If you've been curious to get the right-wing contingency's reactions, head over to Sidebar, a classed-up sports bar, where they hope to attract GOP-ers with $5 "Rum-ney shots" — those are basically FREE shots! (Sidebar's sister bar, Village Pourhouse, will be hosting a viewing party and "Barack-O-Bombs" for democrats).
  • If Mitt only lost your vote last week with his "Moderate Mitt" campaign strategy, the "New Downtown Republican Meetup" has taken over a space on Mott Street for "NYC's Biggest Debate Watch Party." They have a BIG 16' screen and their raffle is BIG money.