Yes, yes, we just got done railing against the nefarious National Food Holiday racket, but once again, can anyone ever turn down a pierogi? No, and that is why we must discuss National Pierogi Day and plan out the pierogi crawls we'll do later in Greenpoint.

It's no surprise that Village mainstay Veselka would be getting in on the action. All day (through midnight, most likely), the 2nd Avenue restaurant lowers the price on a plate of pierogis, offering four of them for $5 (usually $7). Nab their potato, cheese or unique arugula and goat cheese to fuel up for the winter. 144 2nd Avenue

Nearby B&H Dairy, who are still trying to recoup losses from the Second Avenue Explosion, offer some top notch pierogi at their vegetarian lunch counter. In honor of the holiday, get a plate of four massive gut bombs with a side of sour cream and a cup of the restaurant's famous soups for $11.50. 127 2nd Avenue

Chef's Pierogis (via Yelp)

The trio of Greenpoint, Williamsburg and Ridgewood polish joints Karczma, Krolewskie Jadlo and Dziupla aren't offering specials, per se, outside of Dziupla's normal half off happy hour from 4 - 7 p.m. but all are notable pierogi purveyors worthy of a look if you're hellbent on the plump dumplings this evening. At Karczma, snag a plate of pierogis with cheese and potatoes, saurkraut and mushroom or meat for $8 and at Krowlewskie Jadlo, you can get a plate of their homemade pierogis for $7 or opt for the Chef's goat cheese and spinach pierogies with chanterelle mushroom sauce for $8. Dziupla (194 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg), Krolewskie Jadlo (694 Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint and 66-21 Fresh Pond Road, Ridgewood) and Karczma (136 Greenpoint Avenue, Greenpoint)

Williamsburg newcomer Bill Baker's has a different take on the classic Polish dish, employing a confit of Hudson Valley duck to fill their pierogi. The $12 plate of fried pierogi comes topped with duck cracklings for texture, chili oil for heat and a huckleberry miso dressing for a touch of sweet umami. 364 Grand Street, Williamsburg

Polonica (via Yelp)

Polonica restaurant in Bay Ridge has the comfort food game down pat with their delicious, hearty portions of breaded porkschops and potato pancakes. But folks return again and again for their luscious pierogis, served either boiled or fried with sides of apple sauce, sour cream and sauteed onions. A plate of seven goes for just $7.25