With a soggy Friday dampening spirits, at least we have a fake food holiday to distract us from our weather misery. To celebrate National Doughnut Day, many of our fine doughnut purveyors—and chain restaurants—are offering gratis grub in the form of fried dough if you stop by their bakeries. While you likely won't get a free Inception Donut out of the deal, you can still stuff your face with sugar-soaked confectionaries at these generous bake shops:

Dun-Well Doughnuts This vegan doughnuttery is offering one small cake doughnut to anyone who buys an espresso beverage at their Bushwick digs. It's no Yoda head but at least it's free. 222 Montrose Avenue

Dunkin Donuts The city's most prolific chain is honoring today's special holiday with one free doughnut with the purchase of any beverage. Frozen Dunkaccino with whipped cream and a Boston Creme on the side? We're not here to judge. Multiple Locations

Doughnut Project Pushers of meat doughnuts and Everything Doughnuts, this West Village shop is combining this doughy holiday with happy hour, debuting an Angry Fritter made with Angry Orchard hard apple cider. It's not free, but the $3.75 special is pretty darn good, if the buzz around the office can be trusted. 10 Morton Street

Doughnut Plant Buy one doughnut at any of their locations and you'll be handed a Carnival Sprinkles Mimi Cake Doughnut absolutely free. It's a good opportunity to sample one of their new savory doughnuts, like one filled with avocado. It's like getting lunch and dessert all at once. Multiple Locations

The Doughnuttery If you're fortunate enough to live in the Columbus Circle or Chelsea Market areas, a special Seamless partnership means double the doughnuts for your dough today. The doughnut shop's delivering 2-for-1 half-dozen boxes with a pre-selected assortment, meaning you'll get 12 doughnuts for $6.

Krispy Kreme The city's lone remaining standalone shop (Sad!) in Penn Station will hand you a doughnut just for showing up. Selfless.

Vegan spot Cinnamon Snail is also doing some doughnut specials out of their home in The Pennsy; here's how they get made:

Video by Jessica Leibowitz