The 78th birthday of being able to go out and legally drown yourself in a bucket of Jack and gingers is upon us today, with the anniversary of Repeal Day. What's that—you don't toast to your brave forefathers who fought tirelessly to pass the 21st Amendment in 1933 every time you do a Jagerbomb? For shame!

Here's what you should know: The 18th Amendment, passed in 1919, is the one prohibiting "intoxicating liquors" from being made, sold or consumed in the US. Fast-forward through 14 years of speakeasies and underground liquor clubs and you'll arrive at December 5, 1933, the date that the 21st Amendment, which is basically a giant, whiskey-soaked middle finger to the 18th, was ratified. And the streets were filled with merriment and vomit! It's actually the only time in history that one Constitutional amendment has repealed another, so, you know, toss one back for Congressional power.

Show off your historical chops at any of fine, totally legal establishments tonight: Louis 649 in the East Village will host a jazz and burlesque party tonight with performances at 9, 10 and 11 p.m., (RSVP here, and wear your finest '20s attire); Clover Club in Cobble Hill will also bust out jazz from Dreamland Orchastra and burlesque (seems to be a running theme) starting at 8:30; the exacting bartenders at the Andaz Wall Street's Bar Seven Five also encourage guests to dress in their finest '20s garb and down complimentary punch while dancing to live music tonight at 8 p.m.; and 1534 Cocktail Bar in Soho is asking Prohibition-era-costumed guests to bring an item to donate to nonprofit Bottomless Closet in exchange for drinks and dancing at 7 p.m. tonight.