Lest you thought a $10 licorice latte was Peak Brooklyn, the world's most influential borough will soon boast an $18 cup of coffee.

This costly caffeinated drink comes courtesy of Alpha Dominche, a Utah-based manufacturer of high-end coffee and tea brewing machines. Last Friday, the company opened an Extraction Lab at Industry City in Sunset Park, where on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. visitors can watch baristas operate the extra-fancy machines—which cost $13,900 for two—and sample coffees from across the world. The Times wrote up the showroom of sorts last week, but they neglected to mention the cost of the shop's most expensive cup of coffee which, as Eater points out, is $18. Previously, the highest priced cup of coffee in the country could be found for $16 at Blue Bottle in San Francisco, so congratulations, Brooklyn, you did it, suck it Techland!

Of course, if you'd prefer to spend slightly less money on coffee, Alpha Dominche CEO Thomas Perez assured Gothamist that not every offering at the Extraction Lab breaks the bank. Most coffees are priced $3 to $5, but the lab does plan to sell Panama Geisha coffee—considered "the most expensive coffee on Earth,"—for $14.75 to $18.

"It's like a wine shop. You have your $5,000 dollar bottle of wine, but it doesn't mean everything is $5,000," Perez told us. He also noted that the $18 coffee isn't being served just yet, so folks looking to try caffeinated gold will have to wait a little bit longer.