Sure, we all ate our weight in Cthuken just a few days ago but surely all that shopping has left you at both a financial and caloric deficit that only inexpensive and unlimited pizza can satisfy. Good deals and conspicuous consumption are the values Baby Jesus tried to instill in us, after all. To fill this void, allow Eataly's pizza spinoff Rossopomodoro to ply you with bottomless pies until your pants burst; Nana's buying you those nice new Dockers for Christmas anyway.

Beginning Sunday, December 13th, the West Village pizzeria will celebrate the "Pizza a Giro" tradition, which the team tells us means something along the lines of "bottomless pizza," though a Google translation has the (Santa season appropriate?) translation of "in lap."

Either way, here's the deal: through Christmas Eve, everyone at a table throws down $20 and will be treated to as many of the restaurant's Neapolitan pies as they can handle, so long as they finish each pie before ordering the next. There are currently 10 offerings on the menu, from simple Marinara with garlic and oregano; a Quattro Formaggi with gorgonzola, pecorino, parmigiano and taleggio; and my personal favorite, the Broccoletta, with Brussel's sprouts, guanciale and fonduta.

AYCE-type gimmicks are, well, usually gimmicks, but Rosso's perfectly puffed pies are genuinely excellent and a good excuse for overindulgence in a season rife with it. Just know that tax and beverages aren't included, you obviously can't take a doggy bag (Please, please do not be that person who tries to "game" the system. You are the worst.) and that while your check could be a mere $90 for four people, your server has been refilling your water glasses and schlepping pizzas to your table for the past few hours. Tis (always) the season for giving.