wheeloffood_feb17.jpgWith the overwhelming amount of choices available for where to eat in NYC, sometimes you just want someone else to make a decision for you. Often you can foist the decision onto your dining companions, especially when you are traveling outside of your neighborhood. But what if it is just you at home, no one to help you decide, and you are feeling indecisive. You really just want to get some delivery or pop out for a solo bite, what to do - enter the Wheel of Food. Reminiscent of the paper wheels that determined what your chores for the day were for cleaning the cabin at summer camp, it is also fun to play with in a “I always wanted to spin The Big Wheel on the Price is Right” kinda way. This flash tool was created by Jim Bumgardner, “a programmer/hobbyist with a passion for making cool graphics & music software, and software toys.”, and it ties into Yahoo local listings via the mash-up. Look for new enhancements down the road as Jim is clearly a world class tinkerer. [via Megnut, who got it from Matt]