Buttery, chewy, flaky, tender—however you can get 'em, biscuits are a baked gift from the heavens, and tomorrow this country will united under the banner of Biscuits For All The People on National Biscuit Day. To be sure, fake food holidays are stupid, but biscuits are not stupid, and therefore let us all go forth and get crumbs on our shirts at these fine establishments—including our own homes—celebrating this most comforting of food holidays.

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JACOB'S PICKLES: If you can get through one of their insane brunch gut bombs then more power to you, as we've been giving The Itis more than once following a serving of biscuits drowned in sausage gravy. Tomorrow they're baking up Pickled Jalapeño Cheddar Biscuits ($8), a special one-day-only flavor to honor the humble biscuit. Inspired by the hot peppers he'd add to his subs, owner Jacob Hadjigeorgis created his pickled thyme jalapenos, eventually combining it with cheddar for this biscuit recipe, which uses White Lily flour and real butter. An order of biscuits comes with homemade spreads and jams like honey, butter and fruits, as it should be.

509 Amsterdam Avenue, (212) 470-5566; jacobspickles.com

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EMPIRE BISCUIT: This 24-hour biscuit emporium practically broke the internet when it opened in the East Village last year, but things have settled down a bit and now they're going strong whenever the craving strikes. Since it's their whole biz, obviously the crew has some special treats up their sleeves but they're keeping mum on the particulars to avoid a system meltdown. Follow the restaurant on Twitter and Facebook to get the deets and monitor tomorrow morning for the big reveal. Trust us, it's worth it. Some jerk pulled the fire alarm last night, flooding the kitchen with flame-killing chemicals, so they'll be closed for the next few days at least.

198 Avenue A between 12th and 13th Streets; empirebiscuit.com

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POPEYE'S What, you're too fancy with your artisanal gobbledygook that you can't appreciate a damn fine fast food biscuit? Good, leaves more for the rest of us! Tomorrow the Louisiana-ish chain will be offering a gratis biscuit with any food or drink purchase—that means double biscuits if you're already ordering a meal! Just be sure to have extra napkins on hand because these bad boys are buttery as all get out.

Multiple locations throughout the city; popeyes.com

Honorable Mentions At some places, it's National Biscuit Day every day, with free biscuits to any diner who pops in. Such is the case at BLT Fish, where they bring out addictive cheddar-chive biscuits before your meal, and also at, of course, Red Lobster, about whose biscuits odes have been written to their cheesey, Old Bay-flecked glory.