Each and every Friday, a small but dedicated number of my coworkers order pizza from Grimaldi's for lunch. It gives them something to live for, and they maintain the pizza still merits the crazy hype. In my experience, Grimaldi's has been hit or miss, but today I almost regretted my usual post-Bikram yoga Luna bar lunch when I saw Tien unwrapping the paper around the pies. "Damn, those pies look especially good today," I remarked, stifling a pang of jealousy while sipping my wheatgrass shot. Then Ben noticed a 3/4 inch shard of very sharp metal nestled into the surface of one of the pies.

So far we've been unable to figure out what the hell this thing is. (One Grimadli's fanatic theorizes that it was planted there by a Juliana's sabatouer.) Reached by phone, Grimaldi's manager Gina Peluso was shocked and apologetic. "We don't use any metal to make the pizza," she told us. "There's no metal involved. It could, God forbid, come in the flour or something. We get 30 or 40 pounds of flour at a time.

"But there are no metal objects used except for the pizza cutter, and that's round. So if something's missing off of that we'd notice it immediately, because they wouldn't roll. And the cheese is cut with a knife, but it doesn't sound like that's from a knife."

Peluso offered my coworkers a refund, and someone's going to bring the offending metal over to Grimaldi's later for her to inspect. For now, rest assured that a little shard of metal isn't going to ruin the Gothamist Friday Funday Pizza Day tradition—the slice with the metal on it was devoured without incident or regret, followed by the rest of the pie.