Naming a restaurant can be almost as important as the food you serve inside; you want something catchy that sells your philosophy in just a word or two. Owners of a forthcoming all potato restaurant called Burlap Sack evidently think the humorous approach works best for attracting customers, evoking the lumpy, unloved bags commonly associated with farmers and frumpy dressers. Eater doesn't dig the name, but what better way to describe the sensation of having ingested a massive gut bomb of cheese and sauce-topped potatoes?

The eatery plans to open in the near future in Murray Hill, with alcohol-sopping operating hours until 4 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. They'll serve a menu of potatoes in various forms that basically bites Potatopia's style. Think tater tots, fries and baked potatoes, with choices of various proteins, cheeses and vegetables. Your creation then gets slathered in a choice of aiolis—garlic, red pepper, ranch, etc.—queso, marinara or other liquid calories.

We've reached out to the restaurant to get a sense of when they'll drop their scratchy sack at Third Avenue and 34th Street; we'll update when we hear back.