2005_08_food_lunchtray.jpgFor many of us, the word "cafeteria" conjures up nightmares of cardboard pizza, soggy french fries, and the social agony of junior high school lunch room politics. Fortunately, those years are long behind us. Corporate cafeterias in New York are a far cry from anything we encountered in junior high, and the folks over at Cakehead want to hear about your office's cafeteria and just how good it is. They're accepting nominations for the best corporate cafeteria and the best dish served in the corporate cafeteria. Send your nominations to amy@cakeheadDOTcom. Include the name of the company, the location, why it is the best, and a distinguishing feature about the cafeteria or dish. Gothamist started a new job recently and we've been pretty excited about the cafeteria -- healthy choices, seasonal produce, sushi every now and again, and all at prices that make it tough to break $5. Word on the street is that such enthusiasm lasts about four months before it fades dramatically. At least we've got two months to go.