2006_07_blueberries.jpgThe last few weeks, there has been an abundance of Blueberries in the market. Firm and bursting with sweet, acidic flavor, they have great uses all throughout the day.The most important aspect to buying is trying. Make sure that you sneak a berry out of the container you intend to purchase; this will hopefully ensure that you will not end up with flat tasting little blue fruits.

As far as application, try them some of the ways below.

For breakfast:
- Folded into pancake batter or dropped on top of the cakes just after they hit the griddle.
- In a bowl with some sweetened whipped cream and granola. Make sure to chill the bowl in the freezer for a good whip and look for pasteurized cream as opposed to ultra-pasteurized if possible.

At lunch:
- Added to your favorite salad, lean toward neutral lettuces (no arugula) and sweet vegetables like Vidalia onions and sweet corn.
- Mashed into a paste and spread on a turkey sandwich in lieu of cranberry sauce.

At dinner:
- Try a sauce for duck or other game. Use some vinegar, tarragon and some stock to round it out.
- Allow them to shine gloriously in a pie, cobbler or tart. Make fresh tart dough, it is easy, cold butter and ice water are the key.

What are your favorite uses ?

Photograph of blueberries at the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket from Atomische.com on Flickr