WhatsFreshApples_11-29.jpgAs local farmers wind down their growing and harvesting for the season, it seems to be the right time to take a hiatus with What’s Fresh. It has been a fun first season for the column on Gothamist and it will begin anew with the first sprouting of shoots and ramps next spring.

Here at the end of the run we will look into what many of you will see tons of in the Greenmarket this winter and early spring if you pop by – Apples.

Post-turkey last Thursday evening, the 5 years old twins of our neighbor from growing up were explaining to us which apples they like and why. This one was sweet, the other crunchy, that one sour and another extra tart. Truth be told their intimate knowledge of apples as youngsters was a bit scary and dizzying in a rapid-fire kind of way. It did get us to thinking about some of our favorites and how we like to use them.

This page from the Pick Your Own site we have referenced throughout the summer highlights many varieties and compiles information in chart (what to do with them) and paragraph (characteristics) form.

We would love to hear from you, our readers, about your favorite apples and the way you like to enjoy them other than raw as a snack. Next week we will put together a large post with many of your suggestions and some favorites of our own.

Here is one to get you started:
Favorite apple – Macoun
Favorite apple application – Pie

Thanks for all your support and attention.