We love Fresh Direct for its convenience, if nothing else. They've taken it one step further by incorporating a new feature called One-Click Recipes: over 400 recipes from 53 cookbooks including The Silver Palate, The New Basics, The Barbecue Bible, the French Laundry and Bouchon cookbooks, and, one of our favorites, the New York Cookbook. Fresh Direct plans to add new recipes to the site regularly. Not only is there a great search feature -- you can search based on main ingredient, level of difficulty, type of event (date night, cooking for a crowd, etc.), number served, or cuisine, but once you hone in on that perfect recipe, you can quickly and easily add them to your cart. They'll even tag some items as "You May Already Have," just so you don't inadvertently buy yet another bottle of olive oil, and will warn you if you add an ingredient that's already in your cart. On top of all that, certain recipes have tabs that let you make it organic or kosher. Not bad, huh?

Let us know if you've tried it yet! Seems like it'll make our next dinner party a breeze.

Pictured reecipe for City Island Clam Fritters from Molly O'Neill 's New York Cookbook