Courtney and the Cheese SteakWhile checking out the Howard Dean blog, we noticed our good friend Courtney chowing down on a Philly Cheese Steak. Mmm...cheese steak. Apparently, a Philadelphia supporter (also dad to one of the campaign's communications people) shipped 50 cheese steaks to Dean's Burlington, VT HQ. Mmm, cheese steak. Courtney also says the desserts were Tastycakes, Philadelphia-style.

Gothamist thinks some Dean supporter in NY needs to send the staff up in Burlington some cheesecake from Junior's or bagels from H&H. But then again, the Doctor is in town today, as part of his crazy "Sleepless Summer Tour." There's a rally tonight in Bryant Park, so you could just drop off some New York styled vittles.

The Times has a piece about Dean's amazing success with raising funds over the Internet and how he will embark on an advertising campaign.

The last time we saw Courtney April.