Behold: the Spherical Pickleback at Do or Dine in Bed-Stuy—a drink that captures molecular gastronomy at both its highest and lowest points.

You've probably had a pickleback before. They're rather trendy these days. This pickleback, however, is not just a shot of whiskey and a shot of pickle juice. The pickle juice in this particular pickleback has been semi-soldified into a sphere with calcium lactate, so it's almost like the texture of an egg yolk, befitting for a restaurant who also serves a foie-gras filled doughnut. Take the whiskey shot, then down the orb, which pops into pickle juice in your mouth.

The restaurant's "pablum director," Justin Warner, tells us, "It's fine diving. The pickleback has never been so haute, haute has never been so vulgar." You can drink any whiskey, so long as it's Irish. "We are too cool for Jameson's, plus we aren't Union Pool, so we use Sullivan's," Warner says. This experience can be yours, right now, for just $9 and a bit of your dignity. Get cracking.