So, we all know that Thanksgiving is happening, and if you're not one of the lucky souls skipping a home-cooked meal, there's an extremely high likelihood that you will be stuck with leftovers after the actual dinner. Here's what you can do about it.

Perhaps the most basic and obvious choice is a turkey and cranberry sauce sandwich on stuffing. This is boring but will clear out a chunk of your refrigerator real estate, and you should eat it first, before you can't stomach your dinner's remains as they are and decide to branch out into making things like...

A Thanksgiving burger. Or Thanksgiving pizza. Both of which are shameful and wrong.

Other sandwich-related options include turkey on bread, and while we shudder to actually make the forthcoming Friends reference, "Monica's Moist Maker," which involves an extra slice of gravy-soaked bread in the middle, is actually a good idea.

For the remaining turkey that you cannot bear to make another sandwich with:

Turkey pot pie—just make a quick roux, add vegetables (hell, dump your leftover green bean casserole in there), and cover with frozen pastry dough. Bake. Pat yourself on the back for being "crafty."

Turkey tettrazini, aka casserole, aka an appropriate reason to revisit this video.

Finally, with whatever turkey you possibly have left (seriously, how big was your bird? Did you not read this?), shred the remains into turkey gumbo, which you will naturally simmer in your homemadeturkey stock. If you have turkey left after this, you have a problem, and need more friends.

For all the other sides and vegetables you have left lying around: reheat, put a poached egg on it, call it Brunchsgiving, drink four Bloody Marys, nap. Repeat until refrigerator is empty.

Finally, if you feel like putting a bit more effort into your leftovers, Mark Bittman has some fancy ideas right this way, though we still strongly advocate incorporating Bloodys and naps into your day-after routine.