The Kardashian Klan certainly can, for better or worse, launch a TV show or three. But it seems their magic touch does not extend to restaurants. Despite lots of hype and a Kanye appearance, the Meatpacking restaurant RYU, recently opened by Kourtney Kardashian’s longtime boyfriend and baby daddy Patrick Bateman Scott Disick, has reportedly closed after five months. We can't imagine why a place boasting "private label chop sticks" that "create the exquisite opulence and air of exclusivity that promises to make any night memorable" would fold so quickly!

Sadly, the writing has been on the wall for RYU for some time. Even Disick (as well as legitimate restaurateur, and VP of Fatty Crew operations, Jesse Camac) dropped all connections to the joint last month—just before it started selling "Teriyaki cheesesteaks" through a window.

Sad! We guess there just weren't enough people interested in circular booths "covered in gold-hued leather," $35 cocktails, $19 toast and an "elevated, semi private dining room set along the back of the space. With an undulating ceiling redolent of swish curves and rhythmic movement, and walls completely lined with solid upholstered ribs."

Now to wait for those chopsticks to hit eBay.