OUT  .JPG Drink. Then again, that’s our answer to most questions. But it seems we are not alone. To help us make it through the Blizzard ’06, we knew it would take a sturdy pair of boots, a warm fleece hat and the insatiable desire to find a warm cozy bar to serve up soul-warming cocktails. Luckily for us south of the border turns out to be right below 14th street.

To transport ourselves from the blistery winter day to tropical paradise, Gothamist spent the greater part of the blizzard at Esperanto in Alphabet City, drinking Pina Coladas and listening to the soothing sounds of a steel drum band. The ocean blue walls, and Brazilian accents create the “I’m on vacation, keep the drinks coming” ambience. The gracious service and authentic Brazilian cocktails make it difficult to stop. Gothamist started with the bloody mary to warm things up and then moved onto the greatest caiprinha we’ve had in a long time. We ended the day with a Pisco Sour, swayed to the Brazilian music and forgot for a moment that it was February.

Esperanto captures the essence of a charming local bar on the beach in Brazil. This jewel, off the beaten path, offered the perfect escape to enjoy exotic mango cocktails and rock out to the sounds of the Caribbean. As we left the warm safe place and made the trek back to our apartment in the 26.9 inches of snow, we realized that summer may be a long time coming, but luckily for us, it feels just a few blocks away.

Esperanto, 145 Ave. C
(212) 505-6559