Earlier this week, we traveled backwards through time to check out the New York Public Library's fabulous collection of the Thanksgiving menus of yesteryear. Today, the NYPL is trying to archive the Thanksgiving menus that your great great grandchildren will look upon fondly. The Library is looking for photographs, stories, videos and audio clips of different Thanksgiving traditions, old and new alike, and they need your help.

They're calling it the "Thanksgiving Project: We Want What You're Having," and the setup is simple: submit your content online, and the Library will display select items in a new food exhibition focused around lunch opening next year. (Thanksgiving is, after all, the grandest mid-day meal of them all.) The curators explain:

...Do you stuff your turkey with couscous or cornbread? Or do you skip the turkey altogether and make a roast goose or spaghetti carbonara? Maybe you like your gravy with lumps. Perhaps you prepare bok choy or kimchi instead of green beans or Brussels sprouts. Maybe you have sweet-potato pie or pumpkin pie or cook an entirely vegan meal. Maybe you go out to the same restaurant every year. Whatever your tradition, it’s part of the melting pot that is lunch in New York, and we will gobble it right up."

Organizers want to see and hear about the entire meal, from the prep to the finished product, from appetizers to dessert. Submit your photos, stories, videos or audio here, or email food@nypl.org, and consider prepping with out guides to the Best Turkey Ever and the Cheapest Lowbrow Thanksgiving Ever.