By now you've surely solidified your Thanksgiving menu and are bracing for the onslaught of dishes you'll be faced with after the Jets game. But in case you're one of those people who just can't help planning next year, the state's politicians want to help out. WNYC blog It's A Free Country has compiled Thanksgiving recipes from some of the state's pols. Don't worry, Sandra Lee didn't contribute any of her wacky concoctions. (Kwanzaa Cake anyone?)

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has a basic recipe for apple pie, though leaves much to the imagination when her only instructions are "Bake at 425 degrees for 40-45 minutes." Ed Koch offers tips on meatless chili, and Representative Michael Grimm makes Italian sausage stuffing. Of course Jimmy McMillan weighed in on Thanksgiving, giving options on a "middle class" feast of turkey, cornbread, mac and cheese and banana pudding and a "po folk" meal. We know breakfast, lunch and dinner is damn expensive, but the po folk meal seems a bit ridiculous. For a drink he suggests "sugar water" instead of the rich folks' option of Pepsi. Dinner consists of mayonnaise and jelly on white bread.

Charles Barron couldn't be bothered for a recipe. He told WNYC, "I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving because of what they did to the Native Americans. I do buy people in my district turkey, though, so they can celebrate with their families." We're not sure with Mayor Bloomberg is doing, but you wouldn't want him around anyway.