Café Loup, the French bistro that has been a West Village mainstay for decades, has been shuttered after being seized by the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance over unpaid taxes.

Initially opening on 13th Street near University Place in 1977, Café Loup moved to its permanent home at 105 W. 13th Street, near Sixth Avenue, in the early '80s. As Eater notes, it became a fixture for the city’s literary and publishing scene, counting Paul Simon, Susan Sontag, and Paul Auster among its regulars. The NY Times called it "the genteel but unpretentious West Village bistro that continues to bridge generations in terms of its appeal to editors, academics and writers." (They also recommended it in 2012, calling it a great bar for "conversation, and not necessarily your own.")

"Café Loup is one of the few bars I’ve ever really loved," said Caroline Eisenmann, a literary agent for Frances Goldin Literary Agency. She tweeted out the photos up above, noting "the man standing outside commented 'the world has ended.'"

"It was an important professional space, a living room among friends, a place to take meetings and to celebrate and to recharge," she added. "I have too many memories there to possibly count. I guess I’ll share this: I watched the 2016 election returns come in there over a swimming pool-sized martini, blurrily wrote 'God help us' under my tip on the receipt, and continued to frequent Loup even after going through that horrifying event. If this is the end, I am devastated."

Christopher Hitchens also wrote about his love for Loup in 2001, calling it "my true bar," which he described so: "[It] should have an element of cafe-society to it; a place for newspapers and espresso as well as cocktails and basic food, and a place where you could bring your mother, if you had a mother, for a light lunch as well as your mistress or male lover, if you had a mistress or male lover, for a late-ish nightcap."

It's unclear whether this is a permanent closure. Many patrons have been tweeting tributes and memories of the cafe today.

One thing everyone can agree on: it was a great place to catch up with local celebrities (and/or drink them under the table):

Update: A spokesperson for the Tax Department confirmed that the bistro was seized on Tuesday. "There are four open warrants with a current warranted balance of $188,394.40," said spokesperson James Gazzale.

He added that after seizing a business, the department works to try to resolve the debt as quickly as possible: "Seizing a business is always a last resort," he told Gothamist. "Generally speaking, after seizing a business, we continue being in communication with the owner looking for mutually beneficial ways to resolve that debt. Once we find a way forward, and feel confident enough to return the keys to the business, we do so."