Remember way back in 2011, when a cashier at the violence-prone West Village McDonalds bashed two customers—who were trying to fight him—over the head with a metal rod? Well, all charges were dropped against him, but now one of the women who says she started the fight has slapped him with a lawsuit.

Myika Darbeau, 25, alleges that Rayon McIntosh, 32, used "unnecessary, excessive and unlawful force" when he hit her and her girlfriend Rachel Edwards with a metal grill scraper last October, and she's also suing the franchise for not having adequate security. McIntosh was charged with felony assault, but a cell phone video showing Darbeau and Edwards initiating the attack led the grand jury to drop the charges.

The video showed both women—who claim they were having a lover's spat—climbing over the counter, with Darbeau spitting at him and slapping him; they both pleaded guilty and were given probation. The NYPD has been monitoring that McDonalds location via security cameras since April.