Chumley's, the historic West Village bar and erstwhile speakeasy that's been shuttered since 2007, may yet manage to once again open its doors. Yesterday, a judge ruled against NIMBYs who were fighting the pub's plans to reopen, arguing that their fears about noise complaints were misplaced in this cacophonous city.

In her ruling yesterday, Justice Barbara Jaffe dismissed a suit blocking the famed tavern's reopening. "In the modern world, some degree of noise, tension and discomfort is the inevitable concomitant of ­urban life,” she said, echoing a recommendation earlier this year that the 47-member Bar Free Bedford group drop the suit. The group contends that the reincarnation of Chumley's—which closed after a facade collapse—would attract "unruly, drunk and extremely loud" customers like it did back in the day, but hey, it's quiet in the suburbs!

True, loud bar chatter is a pain, but considering all the fine eating and drinking establishments we've lost of late, saving one 86-year-old spot seems like a small victory, to say the least.