This morning was business as usual at the Park Slope Food Co-Op following last night's contentious meeting. Supporters of a boycott on Israeli products were handily defeated, with 1,005 members voting against and 653 voting for a full referendum on the issue. Today, most members were just happy to put the issue behind them, and on Union Street, the ubiquitous Park Slope stroller pushers have replaced anti-Israel picketers.

"I'm just glad it's over," shopper Rachel Porter told us. "It's been completely divisive." Porter, a member of the co-op for 20 years, did not attend the meeting and told us she is Jewish, but not proud of Israel. "Listen. What's going on in the occupied territories is an outrage, but this would have opened the floodgates. If we had a referendum on every divisive issue we'd run out of money and nothing would get done." Another member, Nancy Dodd of Park Slope, put it more simply, telling us, "There are some crazy people, but that really isn't representative of the co-op as a whole."

Comparing presentations at last night's meeting to "weak undergrad projects," relieved Park Slope resident Michael Ring just wants the co-op's focus to shift back to organic produce and away from Arab-Israeli conflict. "I don't want to micromanage every buying decision based on politics. If you don't like Israel, don't buy Israeli products. Consumer demand is what drives this co-op. We won't stock it anymore if it doesn't sell. Shelf space is valuable."

Several members acknowledged that this issue hits particularly close to home for many New Yorkers. "Religion is a steaming pile of anthropogenic myth," said Park Slope resident George Carter, a 16-year-member at the co-op, "If we're going to boycott a country, let's start with the United States—one of the worst governments on the planet." Yet Karen Lieberman, a member of the co-op for 12 years, suggested, "Or we should just be localists." Unable to reach a consensus on that issue, talk turned to late night television. Lieberman and Carter both agreed that the Daily Show's Samantha Bee accurately portrayed their beloved co-op while being just the right amount of annoying. "We love our co-op," said Lieberman. Added Carter, "And we love to make fun of it!" Don't we all, don't we all.